6 Best DTF Powder Selection for Beginners

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Are you tired of the bad quality and cracked DTF prints? Worry not; this blog post unleashes the best DTF powder for your DIY  projects. Among all other factors like DTF ink and films, the best DTF powder is also pivotal to achieving satisfactory DTF printing transfer results.

 We know it’s not easy to pick the right one among thousands of products. So, we came up with the 6 best DTF powders that ensure durability, reliability, and good adhesion. Furthermore, also helps you attain a high-quality print that impresses your customers.

So, let’s get started!

What is The Best DTF Powder?

DTF powder is a per-transfer solution used in DTF printing. It is applied to a transfer film before the process of pressing. This uniquely formulated powder is a mixture of polyurethane resins and adhesive powder that helps the ink to hold the material firmly.

When heat is applied, the powder melts onto the fabric and creates a smooth surface for the ink to form a strong bond with the fabric. This also enriches the color vibrancy, durability, and clothes decoration to the next level.

Godora DTF Powder White Digital Transfer 1

All products work well, and after several tests, Godora DTF Powder is an ultimate winner for the best DTF powder in our list as this multipurpose powder comes with all the necessary items to get started without spending extra money.
Its exceptional performance, compatibility with various materials, cost effectiveness, and customer specification make it an efficient investment for completing all your printing projects and needs.

Review of the Best DTF Powder

We carefully selected and tested each product’s performance, endurance, strength, and durability in this comprehensive guide. So, you can choose the right one without wasting your single penny. Below is our list of the best DTF powders.

1- Godora DTF Powder

Godora DTF Powder


  • Work with all DTF printers and films
  • Easy to use and store
  • Doesn’t leave any stains or marks on the fabric
  • Dry rapidly, which means allowing fast turnaround printing time
  • Easily melts even with a hot gun


  • The  powder takes a little bit longer time for setting

Godora DTF powder is most popular among various products as it helps to produce vibrant colors and excellent prints on multiple materials, including Including Non-treated Cotton, Silk, Polyester, Denim, Nylon, and Leather.

The best thing about this multipurpose hot melt transfer powder is that it works with any size of PET film on the market. It helps us to create crisp and defined images with a perfect finish. Unlike other powders, it sticks with the ink, not with the film, and won’t clog your automatic shaker.

With its excellent bonding, waterproofing, flexibility, and soft touch, Godora DTF powder is a perfect pick for all DTF enthusiasts who are looking for a quality product at a relatively low price.

2- KASYU DTF Transfer Powder

KASYU DTF Transfer Powder


  • Work with all DTF printers and films
  • Full-colour printing on various fabrics
  • 100% transfer rate
  • No limit to colour or material
  • Fade-free, washable, and durable
  • The starter kit changes your whole printing experience compared to other DTF powders.


  • This product has no cons as such

This high-end DTF powder works exceptionally well and offers freedom of work on any material and color.

We like its vibrant color output and unique feel on textiles. The powder is easy to use and takes only 2 minutes to melt. We confidently recommend this product to everyone who wants unbeatable results at a reasonable price.

3- Yamation DTF Powder

Yamation DTF Powder


  • Cost-effective and versatile
  • Helps to stick the ink with fabric, not with film
  • Doesn’t leave any  mess or residue on your masterpiece
  • Less melting time(2-5min) means a faster production rate
  • Compatible with DTF film and printers 
  • Offer excellent flexibility that prevents the patterns from crack and deformity


  • It may cause a little bit of itch if used with bear handed

Another high-end product on our list is Yamation DTF Powder, which is packed with bundles of characteristics and provides endless results beyond your imagination.
Yamation DTF Powder is developed for everyone, whether beginners, creators, or business owners can enjoy professional-grade DTF printing.

This product wins our hearts with its unbeatable strength, reliability, and fast drying rate. This powder is easy to use, cures evenly, and can hold vibrant hues.

The transferred images are tremendous and easily pressed with your press machine. Furthermore, its wash/dry-friendly properties make it a must-have product for fulfilling all your creative aspirations.


Best dtf powder


  • Economical and versatile application
  • prevents pinholes so you can have a smooth and beautiful finish pattern
  • Support both hot and cold peel
  • provides soft-to-touch prints and good washing resistance
  • Equally suitable with all kinds of DTF films and printers
  • Highly scratch-resistant and yellowing-resistant


Black DTF powder is a little bit messy and does not transfer properly

If you are looking for a high-quality, economical DTF powder for your small business, NGOODIEZ DTF powder is only for you as this powder comes in a pack of 500 g, allowing you to print up to 500 A4 or twice premium quality sheets.

The most noticeable feature is its unique formula that bonds the powder with the ink instead of the film and won’t clog your automatic shaker. NGOODIEZ DTF powder is available in white and black powder, so you can easily create images on light and dark fabrics without compromising quality.

Regarding its performance, we use different brands of transfer films, and every print comes out beautifully. It melts perfectly and has less odor. It will stand the image in approximately 45 washing without cracking.


Direct to Film DTF Powder Digital Transfer


  • Quickly dry
  • Do not cracked
  • Long lasting images
  • Easily applied on any fabric
  • Soft and stretchy feel prints


  • We found no issue, but it gives better results when used with Losta Style DTF ink which may be a minus point for some users.

Say goodbye to the wedding; you will love this latest LOTSA. STYLE DTF Powder. You can create multiple products on leather, canvas, T-shirts, pillowcases, caps, gloves, sneakers, phone cases, etc.

This powder is fantastic. We appreciate its performance and consistent melting, providing smooth, even, and excellent ink bonding with fabric. In addition, you can also buy it in black and white colors.

We washed t-shirts several times, this LOTSA. STYLE DTF Powder has good washability, and the color stays bright, vivid, and peel-proof. So, pick this high-end product to attain 100% guaranteed results for your upcoming DTF project.

6- DTF Powder 500g/1.1lb Hot Melt Adhesive

DTF Hot Melt Adhesive Powder


  • Cost-effective and versatile
  • Excellent wash fastness
  • Doesn’t leave any  gritty or rough touch
  • Support hot and cold peeling
  • Scratch resistant


  • Not give good results on dark color fabrics

Look no further as this DTF Powder 500g/1.1lb hot melt adhesive is designed to bring your imagination into real life. This powder creates vibrant images on DTF transfer T-shirts.
The hot melt DTF adhesive has a wide range of compatibility and applications. You can use it to transfer to garments of any material, including cotton, polyester, blends, nylon, EVA, Blends, and other materials.

Furthermore, DTF printing on dark fabrics is not a big deal with the product as it is also suitable for all colors, including black, white, and light.

We tested several printed films to achieve the best DTF effect. The DTF Powder 500g/1.1lb guarantees results, and transfer patterns show bright colors. The printed fabrics give a soft feel and touch. So, we recommend you buy this high-end product without a second thought.

How to Select The Best DTF Powder?

Consider the following factors while choosing the best DTF powder for ultimate results.

Quality and Performance

When searching for DTF powder, choosing one that offer high quality and delivers excellent printing results on all materials you want to print is best. Also, ensure it provides a crisp and 100% design transfer onto the fabric. Furthermore, the best powder also offers strong adhesion and durability.

 Washability and  Durability

When choosing a DTF powder, consider the printed design’s washability and durability. Some high-quality DTF powders may provide high-grade stickiness of ink with fabric and withstand multiple washes compared to other cheap DTF powder.

Compatibility with Printer and Ink

Compatibility with ink and printer is another important consideration because incompatible products may lead to an incomplete transfer of images. Some powder gives the best result with specific models of printer and ink, while others may work with all printers. So, it’s crucial to check product specifics before finalizing your purchase.


We hope this guide will help you to select the best DTF powder. We suggest you always do thorough research before making your final decision. Your chosen product must offer ease of use, durability, quality and fulfil your specific printing needs.

To sum up, all products in our list are carefully selected, and each product has superior performance, excellent adhesion, exceptional washability and durability. If you still confused which product to select, check our top pick product for the best DTF powder.


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