epson l1800 dtf printer Expert Review

epson l1800 dtf printer

The world of fabric printing evolves every day, with new and amazing solutions to fulfill the demands of various industries. This article reviews the Epson L1800, one of the best versatile, high-quality DTF printers that offer an all-in-one printing solution.

In this article, we comprehensively review the Epson L1800 DTF printer, sharing our insights after 40 days of rigorous testing and the results of approximately 120 prints. In this review, we cover everything from the set to printing quality, maintenance, and overall usability of this printer.

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Our Verdict

The A3 L1800 is a very good printer for those needing a high-quality DTF printer. Its compact design and incredible print quality make it a standout addition to any workplace. With a strong emphasis on user-friendly setup and build with zero paper jams, this printer is a trustworthy option for beginners and professional users.


  • User friendly
  • Reproduce fine detail and colours
  • Less ink consumption
  • No paper jams

  • Only support window system
  • Little pricey

epson l1800 dtf printer Detail Review

The A3 L1800 offers several key features that make it different from others. Let’s dive deeper into another key aspect of this Epson L1800 printer.

1- Design and Build

epson l1800 dtf printer

The Epson  L1800 feels very well-built, eye-catching and functional. The body feels sturdy and durable. The design is very user-friendly and allows easy access to ink bottles and paper rolls.

When opened, it has approximately 220mm*320mm*780mm(H, W, D). It has a waste ink tank at the printer’s backside, accumulating excess ink. The manufacturer paid attention to construction to provide a reliable and sturdy machine.

 It’s designed to cater to various materials, including fabric, handicrafts, leather, toys, etc. This printer eliminates the need for Pre-pressing of cloths. It utilizes DTF transfer film technology, which provides fast, superior results compared to other printing methods like DTG and screen printing of images.

2- Installation

User-Friendly Set Up

The L1800 offers relatively easy setup and use; even beginners can easily install it. It comes with detailed installation and printing videos in a USB file. So, by following the installation video and instructions, we set up our initial process smoothly and successfully, with a few hiccups.

Software Reliability

After installation, we found that the accompanying software performs superbly and contributes a major role to the success of our DTF printing.

3- Ink system

ink system

The A3 L1800 has five (CMYK+W) removable ink bottles that yield many prints. This printer has an automatic sensor that gives an alarm for ink levels. So, you do not need to manually monitor ink levels when filling the ink level or printing in large quantities.

White Ink Circulation System

Another remarkable aspect of this printer is its white ink circulation system. The white ink continuously agitates, mixes the inks, and prevents the print head and nozzle blockage.

Due to the practical addition of this ink circulation system, the ink smoothly flows and gives high-quality prints. Moreover, this feature also minimizes the chances of extra costly printing errors. 

White Ink Circulation System

4- DTF PET Transfer Film Technology

One standout feature of L1800 is its PET film transfer technology, which significantly makes the printing process simple and easy. Thus, you do not need to worry about the time-consuming pre-processing of textiles. This printer’s major timer-saver element makes it the most suitable option in heavy workload environments.

5- Print head adjustment

Compared to other printers, one of the significant advantages of this machine is that it does not require any physical adjustment of the print head. Add ink, and you’re good to go. It streamlines the printing process and enhances production efficiency by reducing labour costs.

6- Versatility

The L1800 is an all-in-one printer and works with a wide range of materials, including leather, bags, shoes, swimwear, toys and handicrafts. So, it might be a valuable addition to any printing setup that deals with varied product lines.

7- Package inclusions

The EPSON L 1800 includes all essential items, including the printer, an oven,250 print head moisturizer,100 transfer films, and five 250ml ink bottles. This bundle provides all the necessary tools to start printing immediately without any worry of searching for additional accessories.

8- Performance

As the first user of the L1800 DTF printer, we were impressed by its capabilities and high-end performance. This top-class printer offers many benefits that help people looking for the best DTF printer.

File format support

We print different formats of files, including PNG, JPG, and PDF. We found that this printer only works for PNG files during the testing period. In multiple attempts, it does not give us a good backing of white ink on PDF and JPG files.

Another important thing that we’ve learned is about print size. The L1800 is an 11×17 printer, but in practice, it does not print 11×17; however, it works best with 10.85 by 16.

After printing, the adhesive powder is applied to the print. The right amount of power and backing white ink plays an important role in fully transferring the image on the substrate.


The adhesive powder won’t attach properly if the print contains less white ink. So, the transfer film must have an adequate layer of white ink coating and powder to ensure it firmly sticks with the transfer material.

Working in a curing oven

heating of DTF powder film gives us quite effective results. The curing oven quickly melts the powder on small size sheets. Whereas when 11×17 sheets are used, we notice that the powder at the corner of the sheets does not dissolve properly.

Time and Cost Per Print

The printing, powdering, and backing process takes approximately 15-20 minutes per print. It means you can produce four images in an hour. Regarding cost, it offers nearly 1.25 $ per full-size print.

It performs well and is excellent for fulfilling small to medium business needs. Even though the L1800 offers user-friendly operation, the newbies might face a learning curve during setting up the printer. However, with time and practice, this becomes more of a drawback.

9- Maintenance

Although the printer has an advanced ink circulation system, it still requires regular maintenance for smooth running. Cleaning the printer and print head is mandatory to overcome future issues.

Final Verdict

The Epson L1800 DTF printer is an alluring pick for textile, fashion, and product promotion businesses. Its capability to eliminate the need for ore processing and its wide range of applications make it a most suitable asset for companies looking to expand their product offerings.


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